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What Makes Agilitas Different?
A Methodology that Promotes Communication and Collaboration
Your solutions success is determined by the people that analyze, design and implement it.  It takes great skill to really flesh out the requirements, choose the best tools and technologies and work together to craft an end product that will satisfy needs and excite your business users.  We excel at integrating with your business team and helping you achieve this success.  The Agile methodology we employ for consulting engagements provides a simple, but powerful and flexible framework, which will ensure that the team is focused on your priorities, delivering iterative releases often, so that you can have many touch points and visibility in the process. 

Specializing in Collaboration Software, Content Management and Portal Solutions
AgileConsultingGraphic-400.jpgAgilitas was formed by consultants who have been specializing in creating and integrating web and client based portal solutions since the late 1990's. These types of applications are very collaborative in nature, meaning that they place great priority on providing features that allows users to "interact" with each other. Whether it be by providing real time visibility to data or implementing workflow scenarios that provide structure to business processes, we have a lot of successful implementations behind us to draw from.

Proven Experience
All consultants at Agilitas have been building solutions for industry and government for over 10 years.  We have worked in many teams both domestic and international to build full-featured, high-availability web and client applications.  We have a deep understanding of how to pull together many disparate data stores into one integrated solution that leverages existing assets and utilizes this data to its full potential.  We have extensive experience architecting n-tier solutions built around SQL Server and presented with ASP.Net or Windows Smart Client applications.

Proven Solution Delivery History
We pride ourselves on bringing success to sometimes dire situations and have won some awards over the years with our projects.  Building customer trust by delivering results is how we gain customers.  One project at a time, one customer at a time.  But don't take our word for it, ask our customers and read our customer testimonials.

Fewer Clients Develop Lasting Relationships
We truly enjoy working with clients and helping them solve complex problems by integrating existing applications and creating new   business software.  We know that we gain repeat business by delivering for our customers and treating them well.  We focus on fewer clients, building lasting relationships based on trust and results.

Ask Our Clients and Our Partners
If you would like to know more about Agilitas, we encourage you to read our customer testimonials and review our strategic partner links.  We do provide customer references on request and are happy to talk with you.  See our consulting packages for an idea of how we might be of service to you and your organization.

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