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Agilitas highly recommends the following companies and organizations for their outstanding products and services. We have had the pleasure of interacting with each one of them over the years. They share our values of integrity, innovation and customer focus and the goal of building long-term relationships through trust and successful delivery.


Visual Guard - Novalys

Visual Guard is designed to manage users, roles and permissions in a .NET application (VB.NET, C# and ASP.Net). With Visual Guard, you determine what each user can do, see and modify in the application. A console makes daily management of users, roles and permissions very easy.


Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.

Bennet-Tec develops component software ( OCX / .NET ) designed to quickly enhance the capability of VB, C, and Web based applications in areas of dynamic user interface interaction, image display and manipulation, text processing, data entry and presentation, signature capture, and diagramming.

Bennet-Tec additionally offers customized software development leveraged off our components to provide special expertise in creating powerful friendly user interfaces connected to underlying systems.


Consultants Guild

The Consultants Guild is a collection of information technology master craftsmen. Each consultant is an independent professional who has earned their membership in the guild by proving themselves in the marketplace. You deal directly with one of our consultants, not a middle man. The Guild is focused on your success. If you don't succeed, we don't succeed.


Information Asset Development, Inc.

The tools, processes and training to permit optimized use of Information are being invented, developed, introduced and implemented on a daily if not weekly basis. By combining these new tools with proper design and development, what was once just Information within a business can now become an Information Asset delivering significant advantage.

Information Asset Development, Inc. partners with Clients to transform the Client's business Information into Information Assets.


EnviroData Solutions, Inc.

EnviroData Solutions, Inc. is a leader in the field of environmental data management software applications. Our company president experienced firsthand the need for efficient database management systems as a former environmental manager of a Fortune 500 company. The Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) was developed to fill that void. EDMS is a customized tool providing you with an efficient means for complying with regulatory obligations. We understand that you want the job done right the first time, and every time.


devZing - Software Development - Simplified

devZing provides hosting for Bugzilla, MantisBT and Subversion. They manage the servers, keep the software up-to-date and backup the data. They also help you use the software effectively. They have been using these tools for years and are happy to help you change configuration or just answer a question.

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  • devZing is a service of Wayne Allen Enterprises, not surprisingly owned and operated by Wayne Allen. Wayne is a 20 year software development veteran. He knows good tooling is important to a sucessful project. He also knows that those tools can require time and attention away from more important things. Let devZing take these tasks off your plate so you can build great software.


    EPhora.Net - Integrity Migration Services

    Ephora.Net can help you migrate from one email system to another without losing important information. Our migration process allows you to keep up with the latestsoftware while keeping your important historical email messages. You can rely on our commitment to maintain the integrity of your data.

    Integrity Migration Services will help you upgrade your systems while saving your old information. We specialize in PC desktop support as well as multimedia and video development.

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