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Jeff Reynolds - Senior Commercial Associate

Alaska Tanker Company

A business will succeed or fail based on two key factors. The decisions made on the ground and the decisions made by management. The decisions on the ground are best executed by an experienced and highly trained workforce. The decisions made by management are only as good as the information they have collected and have access to in a timely manner.

Agilitas has proven to be a strategic and reliable partner. They have taken an incredible amount of data and complex requirements and have turned them into intuitive and supportable systems that have been well received by our fleet. Thanks to their leadership, we are very well positioned for the future.


Cal Meek - IT Resource Management Group Supervisor


We have worked with Agilitas consultants for over 10 years and they are some of the best that we have known. Their creativity, methodology and attention to our requirements is a breath of fresh air. We can rest at ease knowing that they truly care about our goals and will deliver.


John Woodward - President/Founder

Envirodata Solutions

Agilitas is a valuable resource that we use in nearly all aspects of our business. They have introduced many tools, technologies and patterns into our software that has enabled us to complete important features for our customers. We rely on their talent to solve the more complex issues we face and provide strategies for our future product and service roadmap.

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  • We have found them to be very flexible in our interaction, often assisting us off hours and on short notice. They utilize our existing assets and communicate the trade-offs with different approaches. This saves us time and money in unnecessary feature re-writes and keeps us in control of the solution.

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